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Creating Custom Heads: With the availability of model maker and designer in the company, we can provide for the most demanding customers the full establishment of his head, from the choice of materials to the realization of the model tailored to your needs, without additional charge, produce and study outerwear for Brides, Events, Cinema, Theatre etc..

Start from model to model the throw is a complete makeover of your end of the new model choosing from hundreds of new items of clothing
supported the choice by highly qualified staff, providing advice from the model maker and the designer.

Work: we can supply any type of repair on the fur, leather garment or on the shearling, from simple edge replacement of parts damaged or whatever you need.

Cleaning: of Rain, fur, Reindeer, Shearling.

Sworn Rating: If you have the need to evaluate your boss to know the real value or partial insurance, inheritance, sale between private or damage caused by tintorie.Il service is completely free of charge only in verbal form, while there is a small assistance if you have the need for a written report sworn by an importer in the industry.

For any further clarification please do not hesitate to contact us at 06 \ 7108848.